Practice Makes Perfect… Ish

February 16th, 2012 at 7:30 am . Posted in Sewing Projects .

I would love to jump ahead and share the successful sewing projects I’ve accomplished since first getting the machine. (Yes, I have sewn a couple things by now!) But first I think it’s only fair to disclose that I didn’t start out as a model of seamstress perfection.

On my first real sewing day, I consulted the Brother CS-6000i manual, my mom and my hubby. It took longer than I’d like to admit to thread the needle, and then we encountered a bump in the road when I went to sew my first stitch and nothing happened. It was all smoothed over after some simple troubleshooting by my hubby, who happens to be fascinated with machinery and who’s also one for carefully reading directions. (Ha, like that’s important. But seriously — it is. Lessons learned. The feed dog position lever is not to be ignored, and the machine manual is my new sewing bible.)

Just to practice, I used some old scraps of fabric my mom had and orange thread. Originally, I chose the orange thread because (1) she already had it, and (2) it wasn’t one either of us would be using any time soon since it’s not really our color of choice. But now I realize orange thread was a really smart decision. It stood out well against a lot of the fabric scraps, allowing me to see what I was doing. Exhibit A:

sewing practice

What I was doing wasn’t much, but it did get me waaay more comfortable with using the sewing machine before starting on a project I wouldn’t want to mess up. I tried out different stitches and widths, experimented with fabrics of different weights, and ended up with a ton of scraps with strange, overall useless stitching. But I also made one thing I was quite proud of at the time: a little pouch.

sewing practice pouch

All in all, it was a successful sewing day. OK, it might have been days. But they got me ready for completing my first real undertaking: a pillow, which turned out beautifully. Check back soon, ’cause I’ll show you how it’s done!

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