Hemming Dress Pants: Sewing Project Complete

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Color me excited! Last night I finished the sewing project I shared with you guys earlier this month—hemming dress pants, which I got for less than $20 recently at JCP!

To finish up the project, I folded up the bottom edge of each leg and hand-sewed the hem tape. Ironing was key in making this easier. To be totally honest, it took me a number of stitches to get into the groove of this hand-sewing effort, and the first stitches weren’t the prettiest. But after trucking along a bit, I started to catch on, and I think the hem turned out pretty well.

It’s so exciting to transform something to make it more usable, and the best part is, now I can wear this pair of pants to work with flats. Before hemming them, even my highest heels weren’t tall enough to keep the pants from dragging on the ground.

Even though hemming the pants was a process for me this time around, I’m sure once I get used to hemming, it won’t be bad at all.

Have you altered any clothing lately?

New Sewing Project Started: Hemming Dress Pants

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

You guys, I’m very excited that after a long hiatus, I’ve gotten my sewing machine out again.

Exhibit A

This time I’m tackling hemming, but dress pants rather than jeans like I hemmed last year. I didn’t realize there would be such a difference in process for the different fabrics and pants styles, but lo and behold, there is. With the jeans last time, I just cut and folded up the cuff, and completed all the sewing on my machine.

For my current pair of slacks, I’m using hem tape for a more subtle look. So far I’ve sewn the hem tape to the raw edge using my machine. (I have to admit, I was a little rusty, but the good ole instruction manual had me sewing in no time.)

The next step is sewing up the hem itself, and then I’ll be finished.

Wish me luck, and happy sewing!

Practicing with the Buttonhole Foot

Monday, May 28th, 2012

My hubby has a pair of pajama pants that needs a button — and a buttonhole for that matter. He was planning to get rid of them, but I told him if these were all the pants needed, I could try to fix them with my amazingly versatile sewing machine. After all, it did come with a buttonhole foot.

Since I had never used this foot or stitch on my Brother CS-6000i before, I decided to get it all set up and make a practice buttonhole before trying to do the real deal — I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good pair of PJ pants because I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing.

After carefully following each step in the directions, I had the buttonhole foot securely attached and was able to “sew” (the machine really does all the sewing for you) a great-looking buttonhole.

Feeling pretty proud of myself, I was about ready to go ahead with the sewing on the pajama bottoms when I realized my practice buttonhole was the correct length for my button, but not width.

Hmmm. Looks like I still need to work out the kinks, but at least I have my sewing machine out again and I’m making progress!

My Sewing Journey So Far…

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

J = Journey

This April A-Z Challenge is a journey in and of itself, but the tagline for my blog also happens to be “a journey in learning to sew.”

I began Sew Alluring because I wanted to document my experience in sewing from the very beginning — challenges, triumphs and all. I’ve had my sewing machine for about four months now, and the journey has been difficult, rewarding and always interesting. Here’s a look at some of my sewing adventures so far…

You can read about my motivation and how it all began, but the first major steps in the process were choosing and unboxing my sewing machine, an amazing Brother CS-6000i that my hubby gave me as a birthday present.


After some very beginner-level practicing, I worked on my first project: a simple pillow for my living room.

Feeling totally inspired by success with the pillow, I quickly moved on to hemming a pair of super long jeans.

My cute apron was a much more involved undertaking, and I summed up all the steps along the way in my E post on the evolution of a sewing project. After all was said and done, it looked like this:

Since I started sewing, I’ve taken many trips to Jo-Ann’s to pick up thread and buttons, and also found some great fabric for future projects. (What can I say? I’m a fabric hoarder, after all.)

Amazingly I was nominated for two blogging awards in March, and I’m so happy and grateful to have readers who find my sewing adventures interesting. You guys are the best, and I hope you continue to follow Sew Alluring and see where this journey takes me!

The Evolution of a Sewing Project

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

E = Evolution

I’m not a speed sewer.

Partially because I’m a beginner, partially because I’m a perfectionist and partially because I can only sew as I have free time, my apron was a sewing project I worked on over a series of weeks. For new readers who didn’t get to see all my apron progress posts — and even as a recap for those who did — I thought it’d be interesting to look at how the apron evolved over time.

It started in a gift bag as a pattern and two large pieces of fabric. Even though the pattern was heavily modified for my project, I still learned how to lay out the pieces, cut the fabric, and reference the instructions and glossary for guidance all along the way.

The first real sewing I did was for the apron ties.


Then came the part that was so difficult but also amazingly gratifying — conquering the flounce —followed by the small but important step of ironing the seams.

Next I brought together the two sides (since the apron is reversible), and then I realized I needed to take the apron in even more than I had from the start. Luckily, that’s one of the best parts about sewing something like this — you can adjust it to be just right for you!


After some finishing touches, I happily ended up with the finished apron I revealed earlier this week.


Don’t you love seeing your sewing and craft projects evolve while you’re working on them? I know I do!