Apron Progress: I Conquered the Flounce!

March 8th, 2012 at 7:05 am . Posted in Sewing Projects .

You guys, this is my proudest sewing moment yet: I have conquered the flounce on my apron — twice!

Essentially, this flounce was difficult to sew because I had to bring together curved edges that have different curvatures. For the flounce, as the pattern called for, I did staystitch along the top edge before pinning it to the bottom of the front apron piece.

But then I deviated from the pattern’s instructions by pinning the two edges together without cutting little slits along the top of the flounce (an endeavor that proved tricky but doable).


Once pinned, I went to sew the front and flounce pieces together on the machine, taking my time and being as careful as possible to keep the fabric flat where I was stitching and to make sure the fabric didn’t bunch up as I was sewing. I performed this careful operation twice since my apron is going to be reversible, leaving me with two fancy flounces and double the sense of accomplishment!

While I was on a roll, I also sewed the ties to one side.

This cute apron is starting to take shape!

Note: I updated this post with the word “flounce” rather than “ruffle” because I just learned flounce is the more accurate sewing term. Thanks to the redditor who pointed this out to me!

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