Apron Progress: Bringing It All Together

March 25th, 2012 at 2:56 pm . Posted in Sewing Projects .

I’m feeling much better now and happily have made A LOT more progress on my apron. I definitely surpassed my goal of pinning the two sides together, but let’s start there.

Since my apron is going to be reversible, I decided to sew it inside out. So I placed the chocolate brown piece right side up on my cutting board and made sure the ties were securely in the middle. Then I placed the turquoise piece on top of it, lined up the sides and started pinning.

My mom offered some great advice for this step: Rather than starting at one spot and placing pins side by side from there, start by pinning the corners together, then pin the middle of these areas so the fabric doesn’t move around while pinning, and the sides stay lined up correctly. The method worked really well…


Next came the actual sewing, which went pretty smoothly. I left an opening where I could turn the apron to have the correct sides out.

For the sake of full disclosure, I will admit that when I turned the apron right sides out, I noticed one stitch had caught the very end of one of the ties. No big deal, though — I just clipped the thread from that stitch and went back to the machine to reinforce the seam there.

Naturally I checked out how the apron was going to look by holding it up in front of a mirror, and this is where a complication arose. Even though my mom and I had taken in the pattern so it would fit me (the pattern’s smallest size is an 8-10, while I wear a size 0-2), the flounce looked a little funny in the back because it wrapped all the way around me with the two ends overlapping.

So I called my mom, and we came up with a simple plan for taking it in. I decided to carry the seams of the sides straight down, starting with the edge where the waist ties were sewn in and ending at the bottom of the flounce. This only took a few minutes. I just drew a line with a ballpoint pen where I wanted to take in the flounce and sewed over the line with the machine. Easy peasy.


Now all that’s left to do are some finishing touches and sewing the opening together — and then, of course, the big apron reveal!

On the edge of your seat about seeing how this cute apron will turn out? In the meantime you can check out the sewing projects I’ve already completed. Enjoy!

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